About Us


Our Mission

 Buddy4Seniors strives to promote the integration of technology's benefits in senior citizens' lives. The organization works to reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation among senior citizens. We utilize the capabilities of voice-activated technology to foster meaningful connections between senior citizens and digital devices that help improve their daily lifestyles.  



  Arnav is on a mission to increase awareness among high school students to help underprivileged communities. Arnav believes that the difference between the impossible and the possible lies in one’s determination. He plans to expand the organization to include more high school students so victims can experience the charitable nature of our youthful community. Beyond We4U, he is the president of another non-profit organization, Teach Seniors Technology, which is dedicated to teaching senior citizens the basic uses of digital devices.   


How the buddies help seniors

  • Health and fitness. 
    • Reminders to go for a walk for 30 minutes, three times a week.  
    • Medication reminders
    • Emergency Alert  
  • Knowledge.  
    • Listen to news
    • Listen to sports events
    • Listen to radio shows   
  • Fun & Entertainment
    • Listen to music
    • Listen to stories
    • Play jokes.
    • Play trivia games.